Intelligent Asset Tracking Platform

Solve Unique Asset Management Challenges

Create & Import

Create a project and import your materials using the platform. Setup your project’s configuration hassle free with the use of our online platform.

Track & Control

Effortlessly manage and track all of your assets and where they are physically located in the real world. Make use of our mapping and GPS integration technologies.

Evaluate & Report

Make use of our reporting tools to see live reports on your assets, when and where they moved and by whom, or download your reports and use them in your next meeting.

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Next Generation Asset Tracking and Management Platform

A software platform that can be accessed through any web browser on any device with a stable internet connection. Asset Ping applications, services and resources are made available instantly on demand via the Internet from the cloud computing provider's servers.

Import & Manage Materials

Import your materials from a material list and let Asset Ping automatically version your uploads, generate and manage assets for you.

Track & Locate Assets

Easily track, locate and find materials using Asset Ping's built-in GPS tracking system. Material geo-locations can be updated using the mobile devices.

Manage Groups

Smaller items are usually batched for transport and un-batch them when they arrive at their destination. Permanently assemble items in a pre-assembly ready for final fitting.

Create & Manage Transports

Asset Ping automatically generates delivery and receiving notes for transports. Managers will automatically receive notifications should certain materials not be delivered as intended.

Simplified Charts & Reporting Tools

With ease you can view your project’s overall progress by making use of our online dashboard, generate reports and download them for use in your next presentation.

Manage Depots & Areas

Manage your project lifecycle by setting up your different depots and relevant laydowns. Use workflows to manage how materials should be transported between different organisations and areas.

Tasks & Resolutions

If a problem occurs during transportation and materials are just missing completely at receiving. Asset Ping will create a resolution for each of the missing materials and notify all the relevant parties involved to find the missing material.

Barcode Scanning Integration

Go paperless and always have access to the latest and most updated information on your assets. Simply scan the material barcode with the handheld device and have an instant live view of the asset's detailed information.

Realtime Asset Tracking Paperless Solution Cloud-Based Platform Mobile App Ready

Mobile App

Never be bound by your desk or office. Be mobile and out in the field where your materials are. Manage and update your assets from anywhere.

GPS Location Tracking

Track and locate items based on their GPS location. Update item locations by scanning barcodes with a handheld device.

Send & Receive Transports

Create and receive transports straight from your mobile device. Start a new transport, scan all the assets that needs to be delivered and dispatch. It’s that easy

Manage Groups

Create batches and pre-assemblies by just using the mobile device. Create a new Group, scan all the assets that needs to be grouped and finish the creation. Simple as that.

Barcode Integration

Use a mobile device to scan your asset’s barcode to update and manage any information about your asset.

In-App Platform Notifications

Get all platform notifications on the mobile device as well. Get notified when transports fail to deliver, or if materials go missing or just informational messages indicating what is happening overall with the project.

Full Project Access

Managers have full access to all of the project’s depots and areas, as well as the materials which belongs to them. Simply select the depot or area you want to view.

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