Great features to make asset management as easy as it should be

Next Generation Asset Management

A software package that can be accessed through any web browser on any device with internet connection. Asset Ping applications, services and resources made available instantly on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers.

Import & Manage Items

Import master items from a material list and let Asset Ping automatically version your uploads and generate items from the imported material list.

Track, Locate and Find Items

Easily track, locate and find items using Asset Ping's built-in GPS location system. Item locations can be updated using the handheld devices.

Manage Batches & Pre-assemblies

Batch smaller items for transport and unbatch them when they arrive at their destination. Permanently fix items together in a pre-assembly ready for erection onsite.

Send and Receive Transport Notes

Asset Ping automatically generates send and receive transport notes when items are designated to other depots. Asset Ping will also automatically notify material controllers if items are not delivered as intended.

Charts & Statistics for Planning and Management

Easily generate Excel reports and download them to use in your next presentation or print them and take them to take on site with you.

Depots & Design Areas

Manage your project lifecycle by setting up your different depots and relevant laydowns. Use workflows to manage how items should be transported between different depots and laydowns.

Transport Note Resolutions

If an item was designated to be delivered to a depot but it did not arrive, Asset Ping will create a resolution sending a notification to the sending depot. If the item still can't be found an alert will be sent to the material controller for further investigation.

Barcode Scanning Integration

Go paperless and always have access to the latest and most updated information on your assets. Simply scan the item barcode with the rugged handheld device and have an instant live view of the asset's history.

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